Our Culture

We believe that a team that lunches together, remains together. Lunch time is bonding time, it is the time where the junior most meets his team with one common qualification- hunger.

Our culture is defined by our people, our team, our values.


The ethos that defines us will never defy us. This is something that we believe in at FBL. From lunching together everyday to the friday school culture we follow, there is a part of us ingrained in everything we do.

A people centric organisation, we believe in the power of a faithful team that confides in one another regardless of age, sex or seniority.


  • lunch and coffee is on the house!
  • no emphasis on formal wear
  • friday school
  • self learning opportunities
  • appreciation within the team
  • understanding team

apart from the daily hustle bustle, we also have the practice of learning something new every friday, however trivial or irrelevant it might be to our domain. be it from crazy psychology sessions to heart pumping shuttle sessions, we always find time to inculcate these activities. a little play time always induces a boost of energy for us firebranders. sometimes, we even invite expert speakers to share their experiences. the aim of this practice is to inculcate team learning and bonding. we also take this time to recognise and appreciate the “firebranders of the month.”

Current Openings

The Zuckerbergs

The Da Vincis

Video Whizz

BD Buddha

Website Jedi