all marketers are liars by seth godin

for decades, the average indian believed that fair and lovely will turn them into a fairer race. that a woman needed to put on a few tubes, like a superstar in sivaji, in order to woo the man of her dreams. shahrukh khan, shahid kapoor and virat kohli all sold the story of being fair and its share of advantages. the erstwhile intelligent homemaker in lalitha ji who sold the idea of using surf or when savlon came up with the no more tears campaign.

one can keep going on and on. of stories, more stories and more stories.

today marketing is not restricted to a few TV channels. given the outburst of technology, mediums are plenty. marketers are fighting for consumers’ mindspace. the only way a product gets to stand out is through authentic, engaging and relevant stories.

seth godin’s “all marketers tell stories” is a bible for every brand manager, every brand owner, every entrepreneur wanting to share their new stories to the world. for anyone with a product, a service or even an idea. for anyone keen on building a strong audience. for anyone keen on building a brand.

the reason why we love seth’s work is simple. beyond michael porter in an mba classroom. in these pages are insights from successful brands, practical know-how’s.he structures his chapters around how to go about telling a story that sells. a story that finds people to find people to share the stories. stories that can go far and wide. stories that goes viral.

one line summary: if you are in marketing, advertising, business consulting or even a corporate CMO or CxO, this book is a MUST read.

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