being a brand manager

when was the last time you were in awe of a brand? or a business? or even a product?

remember “ting ting ti ting jingle of britannia”?

or the intel inside logo that was a mark of quality in every pc and laptop? or the titan jingle composed by arr?

behind every successful brand or a campaign is one passionate brand manager. she is its alchemist at the very core. she is its architect. she is its sculptor. she conceives it first in her mind before it even gets to a brief. she directs how the visualisation and the messaging happens, much before her agency gets involved. she evokes the emotional sentiments attached to her brands. she is part of the product, from concept to consumers.

so what exactly is the role of a brand manager?

given today’s growing demands for constant broadcast across multiple platforms and mediums, it becomes imperative to embrace a few skills or habits. here we list out a few:

1. it all begins with the articulation
2. writing briefs that oozes clarity
3. garnering clear understanding from multiple stakeholders within her management
4. offering references of competition or other brands in other realms
5. setting the tone and mood for brand messaging
6. clear and smooth working relationship with her creative agencies
7. offering business insights & feedback on designs, campaign ideas and videos. when written, it adds to clarity.
8. documenting progress and setting clear review mechanisms with multiple service providers
9. driving quality in outputs through setting benchmarks
10. finally, and most importantly, collaborating and co-piloting with multiple teams to present

she expresses her best self through her daily communication. she chooses to hand hold external teams. she becomes a gateway for all communication. she transforms how marketing gets done. she works closely with the sales teams to ensure her work is meeting revenue targets.

she IS a brand manager. someone like her is the need of the hour, for every brand, for every business. and such professionals are limited editions. they are an exclusive tribe.

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