breaking the myths of branding

branding is so fancy, branding is expensive, branding is for big boys… enough with it, we say!
here’s the hard truth err… reality..

as part of a branding activity companies spend so much to make their product stand out or maybe not, it also depends on the word before __ poly market or the “passion and attitude of the mind behind ideation”- this is one reality, beyond books.

years of research, study, survey and whatever there are to find out what’s behind the emergence of a brand has coined some technical terms for a brand to become a brand. but what lies beyond the truth is not invisible but unseen because people love to follow “standards”.

anyways, let us get into what’s behind the behinds of “standards”..
1. identity- fancy, royal, easy to remember… ahem, whatever! it depends on the budget meant for it. more budget doesn’t mean creativity, less budget doesn’t mean no passion. it is just a way of getting into the minds of the customer, being fancy or royal doesn’t really matter now, do they?.

2. image, personality, experience- will i look like hrithik roshan if i wear a rado? unlikely, products don’t do soul switching or plastic surgeries. when we see a rado commercial, we see an elegant businessman enjoying the view from a skyscraper or something like that. a normal guy says “wow, one day i’ll buy a rado” the same time someone is actually buying the rado somewhere. it is, “how much is in your pocket” to buy a rado. it is not for people who watch the commercial, it is for people who live a life like the man in the commercial. it is a subtle way to say “you are not my customer”.

3. targeting, positioning, demography- who is my audience? kids, guy or girl or both, men or women or both or for open market. a polished communication or a bold one. this is where you can differentiate your product by playing with words or can add flavours to what you say and how you say.

4. flowery or direct- it is not completely how you communicate or maybe the larger part doesn’t depend on it. premium brands hire big agencies who charge more, shoot hd ads, book slots during the prime time for tvcs. this will not be the case of a mid level dosa shop which may also hire an agency for print ads and small tvcs with slides on off-peak slots. the same old “how much is in your pocket” steps in here! just like a single poster posted on a roadside wall and piers continuously for some distance. the more we see the more we recall. more the budget, the more you can show your product. bill, cash, money name it whatever, but it matters the most in advertising.

with the above, we know what is behind the identity we give for our brand and its importance, for whom the brand is, and how you place it on the market. the rest so-called “elements” are just glossy layers to differentiate. more.

do justice to your consumer, don’t over promise, be consistent. this can also create a brand. like kalathi rose milk, karpagambal mess.

sometimes being unconventional also creates a brand!

who’s to define, branding is all about exploring!

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