the importance of content marketing

Namaste! It’s good to see you back again, now that you have a fair idea about branding and its operation, let us move onto more pertinent topics. This is where i become your maths teacher and tell you, “PAY ATTENTION CHILDRENN..”. The article will emphasize the “importance of content marketing.”

To those of you asking me what is so great about content, well let me put it this way, content is to branding what aloo is to masala dosa, ESSENTIAL. If branding is the magic, content is the spell, without the spell, magic cannot be used to good effect.


We have given you external examples until now, this time we will give you a gist of our own experience. Before that let me just clarify something. There are two types of bloggers, the kind which writes because that is their job and the kind that writes because they are extremely passionate about it. The thing about the latter is that the products they produce will have a lot of emotion and feel to it and will make you relate to it.

So, here’s our story. We are the marketing agency for a top-notch hotel and resort chain in south india which has 13 properties offering luxurious hospitality and 9 social media accounts spanning across facebook and instagram. As their agency it was our prerogative to increase the awareness for their brand among the public. So in order to do that, we organised a bloggers meet. We invited 14 of india’s top travel bloggers(the passionate kind) to stay in three of the 13 properties and experience the hospitality and amenities first hand and give us a review. What we received at the end of three days wasn’t a review, it was a testimony. Heartfelt articles from each of the bloggers about the quality of the hospitality they enjoyed and the time they spent there. So now moving onto the pertinent question, “so what?”. Well, here’s what, since these people are extremely passionate about what they write, they have garnered a lot of followers and when they wrote about our clients, our brand awareness grew profoundly among the group of followers they have, which increased brand value. That is the power of content.


Just as it is important to market using content, it is equally important to create valuable and relevant content. For example, say you are a tyre manufacturer and you send out mailers to people telling them about your business in order to attract customers. If you add too much irrelevant content just because you need content, that mail will go directly to spam and will gain no traction. So filtering content and giving them only what is absolutely necessary is important.

So here are a few tips to help you create valuable content-

Keyword research – Before you write content, do a keyword research. Come up with a list of 30-40 keywords that best describe your brand and make sure you incorporate these keywords in the content so that you have a better chance of your content showing up on top of the search queue.

Avoid going in for a direct pitch – The biggest blunder one content marketer can make is assuming that your customer knows all about your brand and product, that is like asking the girl to marry you on the first date! It will be disastrous. So you first have to create engaging content. Find the type of audience you want to cater to, engage with them using simple and positive connotations, help them understand your brand and product you offer and then pitch for a sale.

Make your content easy to read – How would it be if you land on a website and you find big, complex words and you find lots of them? Well, i would be pissed and would close my computer on it. The best way you are going to attract more engagement is by keeping it simple by using simple vocabulary.

Make it personal  – it is an age old tactic used to involve more people to relate to things, by using the word “you” in your content people remain more engaged.

Get to the point quickly – DO NOT BEAT AROUND THE BUSH NO MATTER WHAT! People stay on a website or page for 1 minute maximum, you need to make sure they understand what you are offering within that span of time. So get to the point quickly.

Tell a story – Nobody likes monotony in what they read, so make sure you weave a story out of your content in order to keep them more engaged and involved.

So by making your content pass these barriers you will have created valuable and relatable content palatable by a large mass of people.

We hope you are more informed about branding and content by now, our next article is about “blogging” stay tuned.

PS- if you have any doubts, you can post them in the comments section and we will get back to you.

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