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Hello again, it seems like you really like what we have to offer? Well we’re glad that you do! This article will broadly cover a few keywords and terminologies you need to know so that you understand digital marketing better.. Don’t worry we will not use terms like “integrated marketing communication” or “galvanometer test” and so on, it will be extremely easy and relatable.

A for ALPHABET – Alphabet is google’s parent company, all the google tools and software you use are broadly managed by alphabet.

B for BRAND – It’s the perception that a consumer has when they hear or think of your company name, service or product.

C for CUSTOMER – The group of people that avail your services and buy your products are your customers.

D for DIGITAL MARKETING – Taking your presence on the digital media, the social platforms and search engines, in order to reach a larger group of people more effectively is digital marketing.

E for E-COMMERCE – It is a type of website that enables customers to interact with the brand directly and purchase goods online. (flipkart, amazon, e-bay and so on..)

F for FACEBOOK – Facebook is a social platform that lets brands and individuals connect with the customers through targeted marketing and sponsored content. Since facebook is so widely used, it is a fertile land for sowing the seeds of digital branding. (Yes, that was a farmer reference, because we support our farmers, #savethefarmers!)

G for GOOGLE – Google is the most widely used and the most powerful search engine, it is extremely important for digital branding as it increases the digital presence of a particular brand profoundly, if utilised properly.

I for INBOUND MARKETING – Advertising your company via content marketing, podcasts, video, eBooks, email broadcast, SEO, Social Marketing, etc., rather than paid advertising.

L for LEAD – An individual or a company that has shown interest in one of your products or services.

M for MARKETING – The process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements, in a profitable way.

N for NASCENT MARKET – Nascent market is a growing/developing market where entrepreneurs can try out their products in order to get ahead of the learning curve.

P for PUBLIC RELATIONS – Public relations pertains to ensuring that all ongoing activities promote/sustain a strong public image of the brand. This is essential for consumer acceptance and piquing the consumer interest.

R for RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) – ROI is a measure of the success of an investment, it basically is a measure of how much the investor gained for investing x amount of money in a particular source.

S for SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media is the most useful platform for taking your brand digital because of its reach and the functionalities it can offer. (facebook, linkedin, youtube, instagram are forms of social media..)

T for TARGET AUDIENCE – Target audience refers to the strata of consumers you wish to exclusively serve. For example, Men’s perfume is one such section which caters only to men, hence your target audience here is men.

U for UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION – Unique selling proposition or USP for short is the most unique feature of your product or service that differentiates you from your competitors.

V for VIRAL MARKETING – It is a method of captivating the customers to the extent that they start marketing your products and services.

We have come to the end of our alphabets session, revisiting the alphabets using marketing terminologies is a very easy way to remember the aforementioned terms.

Stay tuned for more updates, the next article is going to be about “content marketing”.

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