Welcome back! If you are reading this it means that you are okay with what we have to offer and are ready to be more informed about branding. This article will broadly cover the common misconceptions that surround branding and will explain the reality of the situation to you.

I am pretty sure you must have heard people say that branding is a marketing operation and marketers are the ones that build and sustain brands. That is like saying only the engine runs a car and the other parts have no role to play in the running of a car, which is fundamentally flawed.

Branding is an operation that spans over the entire organisation right from the CEO to the clerk. Only when the whole organisation communicates the same brand message that your billboards do will a brand truly grow.
For example, if your brand shouts out, “best in class customer service!” and the manager at the office is a complete douchebag, there is a gap between what you say and what you offer, which will hurt the brand in the process.

There is a common misconception surrounding everything that if you pay more for it, it should be better. Well sadly, that isn’t true. It ultimately boils down to the meaning in it and the quality it emanates. Same is the case with branding, just because you shell out a tonne of money, you can’t expect your brand to skyrocket. A brand’s reach ultimately depends on the number of memorable and engaging campaigns they have run. Still unclear? Let me simplify it further. Think of a company that invests 1 rupee and makes 50 rupees versus a company that invests 100 rupees and makes 500 rupees. Which do you think is more profitable? The former obviously, it makes 50x more money than it invested.

For example, remember the hutch dog and the ‘you and i’ song that plays along? Yes, how can one forget that. But on the same note, do you remember the campaign airtel ran 2 years back? Well i for sure don’t, all i remember about airtel is the annoying female that comes once every 2 minutes to call it the fastest 4g network.

That is the power of simple and engaging ideas as opposed to huge expenditure.

Yes i agree celebrities are cool and have swagger, but they are very very pricey too. What is sadder is the fact that people think celebrities are ABSOLUTELY necessary for a brand to fly high, which is completely false. Take the three most profitable businesses of this century, google, whatsapp and facebook. Have you seen an ad of either of these three companies with a celebrity in it? No. Has it affected their brand value? No. Are their products being used widely irrespective of that? Yes, every living soul on earth uses it(ok, maybe not everyone but almost everyone).

Oh there’s the four rings, that’s Audi. Hey that’s the prancing horse, that’s Ferrari. Just because we have started identifying brands using their logo it doesn’t mean that the logo is what drives the brand. Logos, billboards and slogans are just one part of the huge brand building process that brews. You know audi and ferrari because of the product and quality of product they offer. So a brand grows through communication, engagement, quality of products and not just their logos.

The biggest lie you could have been fed is the fact that there a few standard processes you need to follow to brand yourself better. Branding is like a belt. You adjust it to fit you better. Some products will require localised ideals whereas some products will require global reach, it ultimately boils down to the consumer group you wish to serve.

For example, Vodafone came up with different campaigns within india itself to cater to different set of people. 10 years of zoozoos that featured during the IPL season was to cater to the set of people who watch cricket predominantly. Similarly, the ad with the “dhananjayans” going up to goa was targeted at an older demographic.

We hope that you are more informed about branding than you previously were before reading this article. The next post will be about “the first 90 days of brand building- what to watch our for”.

Feel free to drop in your feedback, large MBA terminologies and pointing out flaws in what we have to say in accordance with MBA charters will result in ignorance and possibly even sarcastic comebacks!


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